Just because cute little skater dresses were made for twirling.

Happy Saturday darlings, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to my darling mum and all the lovely mums out there. On this special weekend we celebrate you and honor you for your selflessness and dedication to motherhood.


Soo, this Nairobi weather has decided to be bipolar and there are no hopes it will stabilize anytime soon. We just have to play along and embrace each new day as it comes and dress appropriately for it. Am currently taking a nap with daddy after a tasty cup of hot chocolate to keep me warm as mummy writes this blog post. She will share with you this outfit i wore a while ago when everyone was cursing out the sun for moving closer to our beautiful city. Logically, when the sun decides to grace us with her presence, i get to live in my cute little dresses and sandals. Below is a simple, casual and girly look mummy put together for me that is perfect for a warm and sunny day.


The love for denim runs deep in the family for sure, no casual look is complete for us without throwing on a denim jacket or shirt. Sometimes i tend to think we overdo it but hey, denim will never go out of style IMO. Its easily one of the most ubiquitous piece of clothing in the world with millions being made, sold and worn by millions of style conscious men and women every single day. Very few things are as classic and versatile as denim. Just like the ‘LBD’ everyone needs a piece of denim in their wardrobes and a little cute dress like mine for those sunny days.






I know i haven’t been very active on the blogging sphere but mummy is working on making sure i make more appearances here. We have a new project we are working on that i am 100% involved in so be sure to keep it MODA for more trendy and fashionable baby looks inspiration for your little fashionistas.


Thank you so much for stopping by


Have a lovely weekend

With lots of love from

Naya David

Full outfit from ESSENTIALS kids shop – Garden City

Hair – Riena Family Spa

Rahab and Naya David

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