COOKING: Minced turkey lasagna for Naya and David while I sip on my kale smoothie.

MAKING: Plans to revamp the blog and create better content for our darling readers. Stay tuned for bigger and better things.

LOOKING: Forward to the official opening of ‘Rahab & Naya, The Nail Spa’ and Naya’s second birthday that is less than a month away.

READING: A lot of interior décor magazines as I start working on Naya’s big girl bedroom and re-doing our living room.

WATCHING: Family Matters re-runs just because life without a dose of laughter from Steve Urkel would be super boring.

DRINKING: A big mug of green tea infused with lemon, wish I was taking coffee though, but this girl Is on a mission to lose the pounds.

WANTING: To spend more time with my loved ones and create beautiful memories together.

WISHING: I was on a romantic vacation in some tropical island sipping on some cocktails on the beach and enjoying some warm weather.

WONDERING: If I will ever be able to sleep through the night in my life again. Whoever said it gets easier as they get older!!!!! Naya has been on a mission to keep me up all night the past few weeks, let’s not even start on how sore my nipples have been.

LOVING: That Naya is on school holidays and we get to spend more time together. My new office that am still designing and furnishing.

MARVELLING: At how well Naya can construct full simple sentences and have proper conversations with grown ups. My baby is growing up really fast I wish I could make is stop and enjoy these moments a little longer.

SMELLING: Marini Naturals potent hair growth oil, the peppermint scent is simply to die for I find myself wanting to taste it.

NEEDING: Caffeine, money(one can never have enough) and some me-time.

FOLLOWING: The coolest Mother and Daughter bloggers London Scout and Sai De Silva on Instagram (@scoutfashion) they are just goals!!!

NOTICING: How difficult it has been to nurture existing friendships and creating new ones at this stage of my life. Never felt so overwhelmed by my personal life and work commitments.

FEELING: Overwhelmed and a little all over the place with my emotions.

GIGGLING: At how Naya refers to every animal as ‘woof woof ‘

WEARING: Blue jeans and a black oversize tee

LIKING: Red and white roses but Naya is always on top of our dining table plucking them off as soon as she spots them

WAITING: Impatiently to launch our own mother daughter fashion line that we have been working on for a while.

HOPING: The next month will be better and warmer

KNOWING: I have less than one month left with a 1 year old is exciting but am not ready for the big 2 yet. Helloooo terrible 2s

SNACKING: On some almonds

THINKING: I should run back to the gym like tomorrow

BOOKMARKING: Baby girls bedroom ideas on pinterest

ENJOYING: The occasional sunny days and morning walks in my neighbourhood.

ADMIRING: How much I have been able to achieve in my life so far

DISLIKING: The ‘when are you having another baby’ question from almost every person I interact with. I will when the time is right

Am also loving this beautiful top and skirt from STYLE BY NEOMI








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