Freeing Kenya located at the Oval,Westlands is the first of its kind in the country. Its the only place you and your friends or family can get to experience and play real escape games that are so awesome and fun. You know those escape games you play on your phone or watch on tv? Now imagine having the same experience in 5D. Its a once in a lifetime experience that you all need to enjoy.


A REAL ESCAPE GAME is a unique and interactive live puzzle event where teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit. The beauty of the game is that you are actually physically inside the story. You and your fellow players are heroes who must escape from a place filled with challenging puzzles and obstacles. The objective is to find and solve the mystery in order to escape within the time allotted.
I was honoured to be given the first invitation to the launch on 4thMarch and the chance to experience the thrill first with my crew. My darling friends Joe(my photographer), Rozie, my brother Isaac and my love Naya accompanied me and i must say we had the best time ever. They don’t allow kids below 10years to play the games though. Naya actually fell asleep halfway through the game while we were going crazy trying to get ourselves out of the “prison” hahahaha
Now let me take you back a little. Like i said Freeing Kenya is the only one of its kind, i mean, how many places do you walk into and the first thing you are served is some exotic assortment of chocolates? Well, for chocoholics like me and Naya that was the best thing that could have happened that day. Thanks Agnes😘😚😍 we will be back for more chocolates😋😋.
The lovely team behind this very lovely and genius idea made us feel so at home. They were not only so friendly but also helped us with anything and any information we needed before starting our game. Ooh and how cute do they look though! Definitely a great bunch to hang out with.
Prison chaos postcard(1)
Prison chaos was our first game that day and unfortunately we didn’t get to complete within the given time. *sob sob. Blame it on overthinking simple things (Rozie and Joe are the culprits here) hihihi. I still love you guys. We would have played more but we have to go back and complete this first. Below are the rest of the games.
Mirror of love postcard
Lost Chamber Postcard
The good news is that they have an opening offer now of only ksh.750 per person. Now thats a deal that is sooo good to pass on. Call them today on 0780845190 to book a slot for you and your kids, friends, workmates and family. Hey, remember those exotic chocolates? What are you still waiting for? Book now before its too late. Don’t wait to be told, go experience it yourself.
Make sure you book your slot today.
Joe’s smile says it all.
Naya was trying her best to grab more chocolates from the platter. She had eaten more than enough for a day though😂😂
How cool are these props though? You and your crew can have a mini photo session before or after the game. Now thats what i like to call sooo awesome.
  Yes,even Naya agrees that was awesome 😉😉
And just like the rest of us she will be back. Eeeermm maybe for the chocolates though as she is still too young to play. As i said earlier she fell asleep halfway through the game. She was the best company though and kept everyone entertained.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
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Rahab and Naya David

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