Happy Wednesday darlings. Today i get to blog twice (oh happy day), this is what a whole day indoors nursing a nasty flu brings along. My little fashionista shares her oh so comfy baby outfit. The initial idea was to wear this outfit without the denim jacket but the bipolar Nairobi weather ruined our brilliant idea. What says casual more than a cool denim jacket? And thats the beautiful story behind the beautiful outfit(see what i did there, lol)



Deep in thought, probably thinking of the upcoming Chinese New Year school party and how she doesn’t have an outfit for that yet. Don’t worry baby, mama has it all sorted out(well, not really as i am not even sure where to get an outfit for that). Any ideas are welcome our lovely readers



Always a happy baby. Life is too good(not short,lol) to be sad.

That sweet face that makes me fall in love with her even more each day. She can be a handful sometimes and cause a lot of mess around the house but i see that face and all is forgotten instantly. Such a sweet soul.


When i see that face i know she is up to no good oooh.


Looking into the feature like ‘hell yeah’ things are looking so good already. They can only get better and better.


When she sees something that she really wants but has a feeling i will say no. Yes, thats the face i get before a major tantrum. Ooooh the joys of motherhood.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

With lots of love from Naya David

Outfit details;

Denim jacket and white stockings- Essentials kids shop

Dress and shoes – Sunshine baby (Garden City)

Hair – Riena Family Spa

Rahab and Naya David

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