Happy new week darlings, hope you all had a lovely weekend. Its been a while since i posted a Motherhood Monday article but am back at it now. Today i will share with you some of my motherhood hacks and tricks that will make your life easier. Feel free to share your own hacks and tricks that have made life a mum easier for you in the comments section.


When i started weaning Naya 13 months ago i found out that cooking enough food to last her like 3 days or a week made my life very easy. I could freeze in small portions enough for a single meal. Some people prefer to cook daily for their kids but if you have a busy schedule you definitely should give this a try.


So your baby has those favorite toys she can’t take a bath without? Do you have a hard time trying to stop them from floating away on the bath tub all the time? My trick is super easy, put a laundry basket in the bath tub during bath time so all her toys don’t float away. Super easy


Gone are the days when Naya was all tiny and easy to tag along on my shopping trips. Now she won’t settle on her pram unless she is sleeping. She is always running all over the place and pulling stuff from shelves and racks. I resorted to carrying one of her currently fitting shoes when going to buy her shoes so i can get the right fit. My other trick was an idea i stole from her school artwork when they do shoe and foot prints. You can also have your kid stand on a piece of paper then draw the outline of his or her feet. How easy is that?


Naya loooves apples and anytime i go out with her i have to pack a few slices for her. So how do i ensure they don’t turn brown? I put the slices in a zip lock bag, sprinkle some salt and toss together. Then i wash them under running water to wash off that salty taste. The brief exposure to salt keeps them fresh all day and prevents them from turning brown.


This has to be every parent’s nightmare for sure. I thought i hated medicine till Naya came along and proved me wrong. Medicine time is when all her kungfu and taekwondo skills come to life, hahahaha. I discovered a simple trick that has made this so easy. I took one of her pacifiers, cut off a bit of the tip to make a small hole,then i stick the medicine syringe/dropper through and easily trick her into taking her meds.  Give it a try today


Sometimes a mum gotta be creative and innovative by re-using cereals, cake and pizza boxes as canvas for your kids to do all the coloring and painting. Don’t throw them away from today, be creative and have fun with your kids without having to spend on coloring books and papers all the time.


Toothpaste is one of those things every household needs and uses on a daily basis. This essential commodity can come in handy when you need to clean off pen and crayon marks from wooden furniture. If your kid is at the same stage as mine who is always scribbling and coloring on all my furniture then this trick is for you. Give it a try today


Well, this is a trick that i just found out about and really want to try now that Naya has become so obsessed with her pacifier. I  will be cutting off a small piece of the nipple everyday till eventually there will be nothing left for her to suck. Hopefully that will work and she will end up throwing it away herself. *fingers crossed*


You all know that feeling when you park your car out in the open on a very hot day and by the time you come back the seat belts buckles are super scorched. One day i had parked at the TRM rooftop, finished doing my errands, paid for the parking and was strapping Naya into her car seat but the damn thing just couldn’t buckle up. The metal part had really heated up(When the laws of Physics come to play). I had to pay extra parking fees as i overstayed the 15 minutes they give you to exit. Then i discovered  a simple hack for such moments, i always keep a spray bottle to cool off the hot seat belts buckles. Such a time saver, you all need to give it a try


Organization and planning are very crucial elements if you want to have a successful and fruitful day. I always make sure i write a list of all the things i need to do the next day and at what time every night before going to bed. This helps me to be mentally prepared for the day ahead and use my time wisely. Failing to plan is simply planning to fail. Maximize on the time you have to accomplish all that you intend to do in a given time frame.  As you write your to do list always remember to allocate some me-time for you and enough time to spend with your kids and spouse too.

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