Happy Wednesday darlings. Has the valentine’s fever fully kicked in yet? Found the perfect outfit? Well, i hope the answer to the above questions is yes as there is just a few days left. Incase you need some outfit inspiration, check my latest posts ‘ROSES ARE RED’ and ‘LACE SO GOOD’. The last few days, i have been reflecting on my life, the achievements i have made, my plans for the future and most importantly the lessons i have learnt along the way


My birthday is about 2 months away (the big 25) is knocking on my door. The last 2 years have been intense, i became a mum, i quit my full-time job to set up family businesses and manage the existing ones, set up a beautiful and loving home for my small family and gained a lot of knowledge and life experiences along the way. I recently followed my long time passion for writing by starting a blog for me and my daughter. My dream is to publish my own magazine in future. Working on making that dream a reality by God’s Grace.


One of the biggest lessons i have learnt is how to love and appreciate myself fully with all my flaws and shortcomings. Being such a perfectionist in life, i would get so upset anytime i failed at something or any venture i took up. However, i have come to accept that i can’t always win in life. Some battles i have to lose and i take all that as a learning experience. Afterall, man is to error and no human being is perfect.


Motherhood has been one of my greatest achievements. I was afraid and scared of the huge responsibility that came along with being Naya’s mum but i love every aspect of motherhood and all the lessons it has taught me in life. It has taught me how to love selflessly, give my all even when all is all i have, patience, forgiveness, kindness, humility, perseverance and many more. Above all it has taught me never to give up on anything i believe in. Why would i give up when i have Naya always looking up to me as her hero and role model?



Power of networking. I have learnt that i have to network a lot to be successful in business and in life. I get to learn so much more by talking to other people in my career or field of business. This is also the most crucial and important element when trying to build and market yourself as a brand. I promised myself to do more of this in 2016 and i will definitely keep it going. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, network, network and network even more.


Setting my priorities right. I have learnt how to have my priorities in order all the time and that includes the kind of people i associate myself with. Some people will only be in your life to bring you down, waste your time and kill your dreams. Do away with such people. Spend more time with those who are helping and motivating you to achieve your goals. Also spend most of your time making yourself better than you were yesterday. Every new day is an opportunity to be great and do more. Have your priorities right to avoid wasting valuable time on unnecessary things and people.


Life is too short to hold on to past mistakes. We all have made mistakes in the past, things that we even hate to think about. But that should not define who we are and what we are capable of. Focus on the future and set new goals. If God is gracious enough to give us second chances in life, then why waste your time holding on to past mistakes? Move on and make your future the best it can ever be. The past is just that, the PAST and the future is brighter than ever.


Never lose yourself for someone else. Never lose your own true identity trying to impress another person. Those who genuinely love you will love you just as you are. A person who wants you to change to fit their description of a perfect partner does not deserve you. Thats a disaster waiting to happen, run while you still can. In your career and business too never compromise your standards and ethics to fit in or get a business deal. Believe in your brand enough to never have to compromise or lower your standards.


Well, given a chance i would go on and on and on, since everyday is a learning experience but i don’t want you to get bored of reading so will keep it short. Will be sharing more from time to time.

Thanks so much for stopping by


With lots of love from Rahab David


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