20160101_160929Motherhood is often considered as a game of sacrifice hence most of us give up all the activities we enjoy just so we can spend more time with our little ones. This approach can however horribly backfire on us physically, mentally and emotionally. Kids learn from us so if they see you taking time out to take care of yourself they will appreciate just how important it is for them to do the same. Create a healthy lifestyle model and never feel guilty to indulge in yourself once in a while.

Mummy time is crucial to help re-energise after days of taking care of the whole family. As a mum i often tend to put myself last on the list of priorities every other day and often lose my own identity under the mum moniker. Once in a while i like to take a small well deserved break to indulge in activities that are just for me.  Afterall, a stress free mum is a happy mum. I have compiled a list of a few things my fellow mums can enjoy outside parenthood. So this weekend go out there and try these few activities that will help you feel like a new you.


This is my all time favorite me-time activity. The benefits are countless. Apart from helping you stay in shape and shedding all the extra weight it gives you more energy to keep up with your kids as they go about their daily routines. This holiday season i took a break from my fitness routine and my energy levels have been super low i can’t even play all day with Naya. I find myself looking forward to nap time so she can let me rest.


Now this is every woman’s favorite me-time activity. You can do this with your girlfriends or spouse(so he can pay for all the nice shoes and clothes). I find it much easier to go shopping alone without all the tantrums and mishaps from Naya. She is at that stage where she thinks she should get whatever she wants. Pulling clothes and shoes from shelves and racks and screaming at the top of her voice when i put them back. Safe to say i have had to give up many shopping trips.


You can leave the kids with your spouse and take a drive out of town for a day or two or ask your girlfriends to join you for a fun weekend getaway. Better still, leave the kids with their nanny or grandparents and go on a romantic adventure with your spouse(my best kind of getaway). You will definitely come back relaxed and re-energised to face another week of taking care of your lovely kids.


If you like to go out for a few drinks and dance the night away, call up your girls and schedule a night out say every Friday or Saturday night or twice a month. If you are like me and would rather stay home every other night then call your mum friend and go out for dinner or to the movies, go bowling, attend a concert, play bingo….. When the kids are at grandmas you can get your friends to come over to your house for a dinner party, pajama party or a sleepover. The possibilities are endless and don’t have to center around hitting the bar or getting drunk.


Most often mums feel like its okay to go for weeks without getting their hair or nails done just because they are too busy taking care of the kids. I know too well how motherhood can be tasking but we all need to pamper ourselves from time to time. This weekend, leave the kids with your spouse and go to the spa for a relaxing massage, manicure, pedicure and new hairdo. This will definitely make you feel better about yourself.


There is just something magical about a good, warm bubble bath. So relaxing and refreshing. Try and do this every evening after you put the kids to sleep. This will help you get a better nights rest and wake up a happy mum.


Remember those first few months of motherhood. Those sleepless nights and long days, i dread thinking about them. Always felt like a grumpy, sleep deprived zombie. When you put the kids down for a nap crawl into bed and take a short nap too. Trust me every mum deserves those few extra hours of sleep.


Am personally not an avid reader (i buy lots of magazines though) but if you enjoy a good read then take some time out to read a good motivational book or a magazine like me and enjoy over a glass of wine or coffee


Once in a while treat yourself to that oh so good chocolate cake, ice cream or glass of wine. You can cosy up in your backyard, balcony or go to the nearest coffee house without the kids and enjoy these yummy treats without feeling guilty.


Do you enjoy writing? Blogging is a good way to enjoy your free mummy time where you can interact and share with fellow mummy bloggers. Or simply keeping a journal where you can pen down all the days occurrences.

As the new year begins remember to create some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some alone time doing what you love. Feel free to add your favorite mummy time activities to my list. I look forward to learning more tips from you all.

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