Hey darlings, happy Thursday (yaaaay, the weekend is almost here). The last few days have been quite hectic for me as we spent them in and out of hospital with Naya who has a bad reaction to some antibiotic she had been prescribed for a flu. She is having a nap and i can finally post the blog i have been working on for MOTHERHOOD MONDAY, yes i know its Thursday but hey, better late than never.

Today i want to talk about healthy snacking for our kids especially now that schools are closed and maybe you are tempted to stock up on junk for them to snack on. Snacking is a major pastime for kids and its important to ensure they snack on healthy and nutritious snacks. Healthy snacks should be a staple in every child’s diet. Personally i like to keep a schedule for Naya’s meal plan where she gets a healthy snack mid-morning, in the afternoon and in the evening just before bed (after dinner). At her age now she is super active and snacking in between meals keeps her energy levels stable.

Another important thing to remember is to ensure that just like the main meals, snacks are well balanced too with a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Otherwise, you can give more of the food groups she missed at main mealtime. For example you can give fruits and veggies for snack time if the main meal had little or none of them in it. Below are some healthy snacks i love to make for Naya

  1. Apple slices with peanut butter to resemble cookies. Cut the apples into thin slices and smother some peanut butter or almond butter or nutella. You can have fun with this by adding toppings like nuts or chocolate chips.
  2. Baked apple slices or pieces that i love to sprinkle some cinnamon on. These are so good i personally love to snack on them too.
  3. Plain natural yogurt with some bananas and strawberries, so yummmmy. This is the only way i can get Naya to eat her plain yogurt, though sometimes i give her bio frusion flavored yogurt.
  4. Whole grain cereals. Cereals are not only good for breakfast but as an afternoon snack too. Add some fruits to make it even healthier and tastier.
  5. Cucumbers and carrots with a healthy home made yogurt dressing. Naya is so obsessed with veggies, she would rather eat a salad than fries ( my friends find it weird that she will clear a plate of veggie salad and leave everything else untouched) …sigh!! So i prefer to give them as snacks after her main meals.
  6. Baked potato chips (deep frying is big NO NO in our house) with melted cheese, these are so yummy we include them in our main meals as a side dish.  These can be served with some salsa (kachumbari).
  7. Sweet corn and avocado salad ( salivating), definitely my all time favorite salad and Naya loves it too ( writing about it gave me major cravings). Its super easy to prepare and healthy too. You can add some cucumber and red bell pepper slices for that zing
  8. Egg salad. We love eggs and we love to have them the healthier way.
  9. Cucumbers and carrots slices with some home made chick pea hummus, trust me it doesn’t get healthier and tastier than this.
  10. Egg salad sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken sandwich, bacon.lettuce.avocado and tomato sandwich……..the list is endless. There are so many healthy sandwiches you can make for your kids today. My go to website for recipes is every mum needs to check it out for healthy and great kids food recipes.
  11. Fruit smoothies or juices with no added sugar
  12. Rice cakes smothered with peanut butter (my favorite too) or cream cheese.
  13. Fresh fruits. Apples, watermelon and grapes are our favorite snack time fruits


Minimize on sugar and salt intake

Keep it colorful and natural- avoid processed foods as much as possible

Keep a schedule- if possible plan for snacks ahead of time as you plan main meals

No junk food- set a good example for your kids by choosing healthy snacks too

Broaden the menu and when possible involve your kids in preparation of the snacks.

Well, i look forward to hearing your feedback and snack time ideas too. Thanks so much for stopping by


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