Happy Thursday darlings. Today i will share with you tips on how to take control of your own life and help you go for what you want and desire in life. All those dreams and goals you have had for years and years can all be achieved only if you choose to make them a reality. Only you can and have the power to make your life better and greater. Nothing is impossible with the right mindset and plan. ‘GO GREEN’ is my own way of saying go forth and make all your dreams a reality, yes you, start today, start now, its never too late to start working on all your dreams and goals. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step and now is the perfect day and time to start your long journey to success.


You have all the power you need within you to be great, successful and better than ever. By taking over the wheel on the road leading to your destiny, you can navigate your life away from obstacles along your journey to success. You will also find the spark that makes you unique. Your spark becomes the push, the nudge, the shove to go for what you want to achieve in life. Whatever you do, do it with confidence.


Learn how to let go of whatever is keeping you back; bad company, bad habits, self-doubt etc and instead embrace what will push you forward. Identify your purpose in life today and work towards fulfilling what you were born to achieve. Your purpose is tied to a void or need in the world, you are here to meet a need of someone or something. If you look to fill a void in the world, your purpose for existence will manifest itself.


Stop making and accepting excuses. We all have reasons for making poor life choices, engaging in relationships or behaviors that we know are wrong and even saying things we never mean’t to say. Ask yourself how all those reasons an excuses bring you closer to the success, love and situations you are really aching to achieve. Excuses will and can never bear you any good results. Only hard work and consistency.


Take a relationship inventory. You know that saying that you become like the five people you hang out with most? If you have people in your life who only bring you down and never support your dreams and ideas its time to let them go. Life is too short to have to deal with friends who don’t have your best interests at heart. Choose your friends wisely.


Live within your means and ball on a budget. Figure out how much you make per month and what you need to spend it on. Come up with a budget and make sure all your bills are sorted before spending all your money on expensive clothes and dates. Spend wisely and save as much as you can. Oh and don’t forget to invest wisely too.


  • Stay optimistic and exude positive energy
  • Work on being happy regardless of the circumstances you are in today
  • Work on building and boosting your self-confidence
  • Remember there will be those who like you and those who don’t. You can never please everyone in this life
  • Repel inferior and negative energy that will only drag you down


NB; Never let the world lead you. Take the steering wheel of your future firmly in your hands, shift into the right gear and become the great person you were created to be.

Thanks for stopping by and i hope you will take control of your life today.



Rahab David



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