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How often do you say to yourself ‘am a bad mum, I can’t do this anymore, how do other mums make it look so easy? I am such a perfectionist and most days when I feel like am not doing the best as a mum. Especially now that the terrible twos have kicked in and most days I just want to curse on top of my voice or hit someone. I am still learning to accept my flaws, mistakes and shortcomings without being so hard on myself. Afterall, motherhood is an everyday learning experience and no baby comes to this world with a MANUAL.

As Mothers Day approaches, I want to remind all the lovely mums that they are all GREAT MOTHERS!!!!! We are all humans, we make mistakes, we learn, we stumble, we fall and we finally get up and move on with our lives. Never bully yourself into believing you can be perfect coz trust me darling, none of us is perfect. We all have our own flaws and shortcomings. Celebrate every little milestone you make in your motherhood journey and treat every failure as a lesson, not an imperfection. At the end of the day you are doing your best the best way you know how to.


Anyone who knows me knows am short tempered and sometimes I find myself snapping anytime Naya is doing something I can’t stand. We all know how it can be especially when the terrible twos kick in and God knows motherhood has taught me the real meaning of PATIENCE. Respect to all the mothers out there, seriously, y’all are my super heroes. How you hold down a marriage/relationship, career/business/job, be a kick ass mum and still look fabulous. Why would you still consider yourself a bad mum really???? Give yourself some credit today and shun all the little voices in your head telling you how bad of a mother you are.

YOU ARE NOT PERFECT JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER HUMAN BEING, that is my polite reminder to every mum out there feeling like they are not doing enough. As we celebrate Mothers Day later in the week, I hope all mums will learn how to celebrate every little success and learn from their faults instead of bullying themselves into thinking they can be perfect. Take everyday and every experience as a mother as a learning experience to help you be a better person than you were yesterday.


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Rahab David

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