“Can you believe these are our babies? Oh my goodness!!! How and when did they get this big? Just the other day we were holding them in our arms, watching them fall asleep, they were so tiny and adorable. Now we get to watch them do all these amazing things right in front of our eyes! ” That was most parents’ reaction yesterday at Naya’s School sports day. I was so proud of my little princess and all the other little princes and princesses for their outstanding performances. She is only 2years old but never ceases to amaze me.

However, this got me thinking….as a mother we get to experience that deep bond with our babies way before they are born and all through breastfeeding stage to the first years of their lives where they depend on us for everything. At this stage most dads feel left out as the babies are often clinging on to mommy. Which brings me to my topic of the day..How you can help your partner bond with the baby.



1. Encourage your partner to talk to the baby while you are still pregnant. I read that at some point during your pregnancy the baby can actually recognise your voice. Instead of doing it alone, encourage him to join in the conversation too.

2. Having your partner at the birth of your little one will make him feel some attachment to the baby. I will never forget the look on David’s face the moment he held Naya for the first time…priceless! Its just one of those moments he will forever cherish in his lifetime.


3. Let your husband help with feeding the baby while you get some rest. This could be some breast milk that you pumped or baby formula depending on your preference.

4. Diaper duties; teach him how to change the baby’s diaper. Make it fun and let him do it more often.

5. Now that he has learn’t how to change the diaper, let him dress the baby up. He can sing, read to or even try holding a conversation with the baby while doing it. A baby massage is always a good idea too. With time he can start getting involved with bath time too.

6. Buy a good front carrier and let daddy take baby out for a walk or to the mall sometimes. The closeness achieved will be a perfect way for him to bond with the baby and not feel left out when it comes to parenting.

7. Buy him a nursery rhymes or baby story book and let him read aloud to the baby before bedtime or even during the day. Babies love hearing the sweet voices of mommy and daddy…*insert giggles*

8. Daddy and baby playtime; encourage your husband to play more often with the baby. I love how David taught Naya how to ride her bike, throw and kick the ball, build a train from blocks, and on most occasions they will play ‘horsy’…he becomes the horse, she climbs on his back and Naya will pretend to have a lassel and shout ‘go horsy go’… through this their bond grows stronger by the day.

Last but not least remember to take alot of photos and videos of daddy and baby bonding moments. These will be so much fun to watch and look at a few years from now. Encourage daddy to take alot of selfies with baby while out for a walk, at the mall or playing outdoors. Now those are a fortune worth of memories that anyone will want to view in future.

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Rahab and Naya David

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